Loading Services


Our qualified personnel and state-of-the-art equipment can handle up to 6 heavy refrigerated trucks at the same time. This allows for the movement of as much as 100 tons of merchandise every 2 hours. An area of 6,750 M2 has been reserved for refrigerated and insulated trucks on the handling docks and holding points in order to avoid congestion during high activity hours.

Loading-1Determined to provide its clients with the best quality service, MORECO has equipped its warehouses and cold storage rooms with fully automated and palletized handling equipment in order to deliver a quick transfer of merchandise at optimal conditions.

For this purpose, the company has made available to its clients the following equipments:

  • 9 electrical forklifts, German Clark and American Caterpillar trucks
  • 2 freight elevators accommodating all 4 floors of the facility.
  • Unit load = 3,000 Kgs
  • 15 hydraulic pallet trucks.
  • 8,000 European standard pallets.