• Warehouses

    Storage area available for dry goods, chilled and frozen products, requiring sub-zero temperatures reaching up to -18 degrees Celsius.

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  • Loading Services

    Determined to provide its clients with the best quality service, MORECO has equipped its warehouses and cold storage rooms with fully automated and palletized handling equipment in order to deliver a quick transfer of merchandise under optimal handling conditions.

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  • Technology

    With a stand-by refrigeration capacity of 150 percent, MORECO gives its clients the full guarantee that their products are safely stored under any conditions.

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Why Us?

      • Technology
        Innovation and technology are incorporated into every service offered providing our clients a state of the art warehousing facilities.
      • Experience
        Our team of dedicated professionals have the experience to foresee problems as well as to analyze the needs of our clients thoroughly.
      • Reliability
        We have one of the most advanced cooling systems in the region allowing us to maintain temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius as well as a stand by capacity of 150%.
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      • Dedication
        Clients can be assured that they will have their goods stored according to their specifications and requirements. Our staff will do its best to deliver the highest quality of services to each client.
      • Cleanliness
        We provide clean and pest free storage areas, and implement food safety procedures in our day to day work
      • Capacity
        Our facility covers a total area of 13,000 m2 and we have storage capacity of up to 30,000 m3.